Holly J. Studios 

Creative Creations for you and your home. 

Holly J. Studios is all about creating a better environment. We also have one of a kind pieces to help put the finishing touch on your space as well as two product lines to clean your beautiful space and take care of yourself. 

Our one of a kind pieces feature everyday items that would usually be thrown away. Who would have thought that those empty wine bottles could become part of your home's decor? 

Whether the piece features recycled fabric, wine bottles, tin cans, pallets or wood scraps, these unique items help keep garbage out of landfills and bring beauty and uniqueness to your home. Every item is a one of a kind so you can say that you are the only person with that particular piece.  

Visit our Facebook page for a listing of items that are currently for sale or feel free to contact us if you are looking for something in particular. 

Check out our blog TheFeatheredMamma.com to see projects being completed and how to make some yourself! 

To help care for your home after the design is done we also support Norwex Cleaning Products who's company mission is to "Improve the Quality of Life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes." 

For more information visit hollyredmer.norwex.biz to learn more about these great products and how you can clean your entire house using only a cloth and water. If you are in the area and would like a demonstration please contact Holly directly. 

Now that you have taken care of your home you should take care of yourself. We also support a line of skincare products that use aloe as the base ingredient. L'BRI skincare is a wonderful line that can take care of you from head to toe; from minimizing the look of wrinkles to treating aches and pains, L'BRI has you covered.  

Visit www.hollyredmer.lbri.com to get your free samples and find out how amazing these products really are. 

                                                                       E-Mail: [email protected]   Phone: 262-939-6003